Golden Bundle | Passion Fruit


Product Size: Eau De Toilette 235 ml | Body Lotion 235 ml | Foaming Scrub 500 g | Solid Perfume 50 g

Unleash a burst of summer with the Passion Fruit Golden Bundle. This vibrant collection explodes with the tangy sweetness of passion fruit and delicate almond blossom, infused with the nourishing power of grape seed extract. Prepare to be swept away by a tropical escape for your senses.

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Embrace the golden glow:

  • Passion Fruit Golden Eau de Toilette: Bask in the invigorating aroma of this captivating fragrance. Juicy passion fruit bursts with sun-kissed joy, while sweet almond blossom adds a touch of delicate elegance.Let the scent linger, reminding you of endless summer days.
  • Passion Fruit Golden Body Lotion: Immerse your skin in velvety-smooth hydration with this rich,nourishing lotion. Infused with the same irresistible scent as the eau de toilette, it leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and undeniably delicious.
  • Passion Fruit Golden Solid Perfume: Keep the tropical paradise close at hand. This convenient solid perfume delivers a burst of the exhilarating scent whenever you need a touch of sunshine and joy.
  • Passion Fruit Golden Foaming Scrub: Reveal radiant, touchably soft skin with this gentle yet effective scrub. Grape seed extract acts as a powerful antioxidant, while passion fruit adds a touch of invigorating sweetness, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and refreshed.

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